Mission Statement

Koinonia Heights was established as a Christian based residence for the Elderly, to provide a safe and secure environment for Christian living, so that all may know the love of God by the attitudes of those who dwell within. May no discordant note of strife ever be heard within its walls, and no unholy spirit of pride find entrance.

A Labor of Love

It was a dream come true. When Koinonia Heights was dedicated in March 1985 in Sedalia, Missouri, cheers when up from the crowd. For after a year of planning and three years of do-it-yourself construction, the dream has become reality.

Koinonia Heights, a 16-apartment complex, offers housing in an independent Christian atmosphere for persons 55 and older.

The congregation of Parkview Christian Church financed and built the two-story brick apartment building “as a labor of love to take care of God’s senior saints.”

Koinonia was created for persons who are physically and mentally capable of caring for themselves  and who share common Christian heritage and beliefs. Contentment, fellowship and consideration for others are a way of life here.

We invite you to visit Koinonia Heights and take a tour of our building. We’ll share a cup of coffee in the community room, then stroll the sun-filled corridor and meet the residents as they visit, read the paper or just enjoy the day.  Welcome!

Koinonia: Greek word meaning to share with others, partnership, partner, communion, fellowship.