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Busy Christian “Loses” Church!

It is one thing to be busy, but another to be busy about the right things!  P.H. Welshimer was a famous pioneer preacher of the Restoration Movement.  He grew the church in Canton, Ohio to be the largest Christian Church of his day (from a membership of less than 400, to one of over 3,400, and a Sunday School of over 5,000).  In other words, Mr. Welshimer knew something about efficiency of effort. He wrote; “He has learned to live, who has learned to place the proper valuation upon work and who has been able to discern between the essential and the non-essential things.”

Rod's Ramblings

Why Christians Support Israel

(Adapted from the April 20, 2018 issue of Intercessors for America newsletter The Informer,

which in turn excerpted an article by Dennis Prager in the National Review)


Many American Jews experience what is known as cognitive dissonance (i.e. their beliefs about American Christians do not match up with their attitudes & behaviors towards them). The institution Jews most admire — the university — turns out to be the most significant source of Israel hatred in America and the rest of the West. At the same time, the people many Jews most distrust — Christians (especially Evangelical and other conservative Christians) — turn out to be the Jews’ and Israel’s best friends.

Rod’s Ramblings

A Prayer for Parkview's Future

            On Easter Sunday, 2018, we held a "Note Burning" service in our Family Life Center.  John Rice and John Detherage, who originally signed the promissory note on behalf of the congregation, were designated to initiate the blaze.  It was prefaced by a short prayer of thanksgiving led by John Rice.  But then, Toby Brown offered a second prayer on behalf of Parkview which looks to the future.  I thought it so appropriate, I want to share it with you. 


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