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Lion Tamers & Roaring Lions

(An excerpt from a sermon)


On October 3, 2003, Roy Hunt of the famous Las Vegas “Siegfried & Roy” circus act was mauled and almost killed by one of his white tigers.  The 300 pound animal lunged at Horn’s neck about half-way through the show, and dragged him off stage.  One observer said Roy looked “like a rag doll” in the tiger’s mouth.  He suffered massive blood loss and was rushed to UCLA Medical Center for emergency surgery.  He survived, but underwent months of intensive rehabilitation.

Rod’s Ramblings

Advanced Truth for Mature Christians


The author of Hebrews chides his readers for being "slow to learn." (Heb. 5:11)  Instead of maturing to the point of being able to teach others, they were in need of someone to teach them "the elementary truths of God's word all over again," (Heb. 5:12).  In subsequent verses (6:1-3) the inspired writer even lists six such beginning principles.  He does not claim these six to be an exhaustive listing of all foundational truths.  But it is interesting  to note the teachings he does mention.  The Greek language (as well as the KJV, NASV, and other English Bible translations) group these six "teachings" into three pairs by use of the word "and."  They include:

1) repentance and faith,

2) baptisms and the laying on of hands,

3) resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment


Rod’s Ramblings
The Final Countdown

    As I'm writing this column it's mid-December and I'm thinking a lot about "countdowns."  The school-age children are all counting the days until Christmas.  And many young adults are anticipating the new year with the ball drop and a kiss for good luck to usher in 1918.  But neither of those "countdowns" are the one I have in mind.


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