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A Prayer for Parkview's Future

            On Easter Sunday, 2018, we held a "Note Burning" service in our Family Life Center.  John Rice and John Detherage, who originally signed the promissory note on behalf of the congregation, were designated to initiate the blaze.  It was prefaced by a short prayer of thanksgiving led by John Rice.  But then, Toby Brown offered a second prayer on behalf of Parkview which looks to the future.  I thought it so appropriate, I want to share it with you. 

            "Father God, You are so incredibly good to us.  When we look back over the years, it's easy to see how you've continually watched over this congregation.  You have consistently provided for us and blessed so many lives in so many ways here at Parkview.  But we turn our focus to the future now, Lord, and we ask for Your continued blessing in the years ahead.

            "As we enter a time of uncertainty with the changes ahead for our ministry staff, as we strive to grow Your church (in both number and health), as we seek to evolve in ways that enable us to more effectively serve Your kingdom and meet the needs of this community; we ask for Your guidance and wisdom.

            "Give us the vision to see the needs of Your people, and equip us with the words, the strength, the character, the ability, the desire and the resolve to meet those needs.  Raise up from within this body of believers men and women who will proudly and boldly serve you and lead others to do the same!  Bring about a measure of unity and transparency that is contagious, Lord.  Help us to identify new ways to reach and serve young families so that Your church can thrive and Your kingdom can flourish here in Sedalia!  Give us the foresight we need, the courage it takes to seek You first in all we do, and keep You as the focus; the center of each and every ministry.  Help us as individuals to set any foolish pride aside in an effort to serve the greater body of Christ. 

            "Watch over our leadership in the years ahead.  Prevent us from becoming complacent or stagnant.  Help us to disciple and nurture future leaders, and serve Your people with love and humility!  Father, help us to remain excited about the opportunities that lay ahead of us, and make us equal to any task You set before us!  

            "All these things we pray in Your Son's name, Amen."

            May we all echo those same desires in our prayers to the Almighty.                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                   Rodney Brown, Minister


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