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Busy Christian “Loses” Church!

It is one thing to be busy, but another to be busy about the right things!  P.H. Welshimer was a famous pioneer preacher of the Restoration Movement.  He grew the church in Canton, Ohio to be the largest Christian Church of his day (from a membership of less than 400, to one of over 3,400, and a Sunday School of over 5,000).  In other words, Mr. Welshimer knew something about efficiency of effort. He wrote; “He has learned to live, who has learned to place the proper valuation upon work and who has been able to discern between the essential and the non-essential things.”

The world is full of “busy here and there” kind of people.  While they are preoccupied with lesser matters, much that is worthwhile—even critical—gets away from them.  One such critical concern that has a tendency to slip through our fingers is the church!

An uncommitted and apathetic Christian may suddenly awake one day to find he has lost his spiritual family to false teaching.  Church splits and church closings have occurred because those who were supposed to be mature members were too preoccupied with other things to notice what was happening.

 The distracted congregant may lose his church to simple apathy—that it is no longer the thriving, caring, body of believers it once was.  It happens when there are no longer enough willing volunteers to teach classes or lead and fund worthy programs.

The careless church member may even lose his church to progress!  That is, the church has left him behind, and has gone on to higher callings and greener pastures.  Where once he was known and loved by others of like precious faith, now he is greeted by friendly but unfamiliar faces.  His name may be on the roll book, but he is a stranger to those who attend regularly.

As someone has said, in every church there are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, “What happened?”  Don’t be one who loses his church while “busy” with other, lesser matters.

Rodney Brown, Minister


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