At Parkview Christian Preschool, we realize that behavior must be age appropriate and learned.  Therefore,

We will:

patiently teach appropriate behaviors.
redirect students and help them to understand why they may not behave inappropriately.
show students how they can work out problems with words not actions.
help ‘diffuse’ situations and calm students by using ‘time-out’ for one to five minutes when appropriate.
We will NOT:

use any form of corporal punishment.
humiliate, threaten, ridicule, or speak harshly, abusively, or with profanity.
place students in a closet, locked or unlighted room, or any other frightening place.
allow students to intimidate or harm other children, harm themselves, or destroy property.
In the case of prolonged and/or severe inappropriate behavior, a conference with that child’s parent(s) will be requested and, in extreme cases, may lead to the student’s dismissal.