Sr. High Youth  We are currently studying "Encounters with Christ"... it is based on a book written by Mark Moore, with plenty more info from God's word, various commentaries and my personal study & experiences.  Each week we look at an encounter that Jesus has with various people (his family, his disciples, rulers, strangers, followers and even the devil).  As you can imagine, there are many lessons for us in these encounters.  From simply learning more about Jesus' identity, to learning about the kingdom of heaven, about faith, repentence and much more!

  In some ways, it's getting back to the basics for our teens.  Often studies are based on current events, videos etc.. and are designed to entertain the kids.  While I agree that keeping them engaged is vital, many studies sell them short on their desire to know Jesus more and understand his ministry and subsiquently pattern their lives according to his purposes. 

Leader: Toby Brown      Ages: 9th - 12th Grade      Location: Family Life Center